Why Marcu Manufacturing?

We are One of the BEST at CNC Machine Production

If you are using CNC milled or CNC turned stainless steel or composite components in your operations, you will be interested in Marcu Manufacturing, Inc., we are a precision CNC machining company located north of the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

We can handle volume production, one-off prototyping, and mission critical requirements for all your metal and composite parts needs.

To ensure 100% quality acceptance levels, Marcu Manufacturing, Inc. has implemented a sophisticated system of statistical process control (SPC) designed to meet rigorous industry standards.


Details and samples of CNC turning and CNC milling manufactured by Marcu MFG.
Integrated CAD and CAM systems enable completed designs to be fabricated extremely efficiently reducing errors and improving quality. The products can be created in any shape such as arbors, bushings, cams, gears, pulleys, etc; and they can be created with any diameter and with any axis of symmetry, they include features and characteristics such as chamfers, contours, grooves, holes, steps, tapers and threads.

These high standards help our company produce precision parts for the Semiconductor equipment market, as well as the Medical, Aerospace, and Automotive industries where precision machined products, rigid quality tolerances, and high quality aesthetics are the norm.

Marcu Manufacturing, Inc. has the credentials, the experience, the testimonials and the customer references to convince you that we can satisfy your demanding needs for  high precision CNC manufactured products.  We have been serving many demanding customers in all kinds of industries segments since 1995, and we are prepared to show you that we are one of the best.

Our strategic location in the Atlanta Metro area has allowed us to provide the best possible pricing and on-time delivery to our customers anywhere.

Our machinists are highly trained on manufacturing processes and industry quality standards. We will ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed by watching every little detail. We are sure you will like what you see.

computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery  FADAL VMC 4525
Our highly trained and experienced personnel are experts in manufacturing processes and on running precision computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery like this FADAL VMC 4525

Call (770) 904-2977 and ask for a quote; or e-mail us and let us know how we can best partner with you.