CNC Machining Process

At Marcu Manufacturing we can take virtually any object, device, or assembly to be integrated into a system or product and we can design it using Computer-aided design also known as CAD.

For a long time, CAD software has replaced traditional design techniques which used to use T-squares, rulers, paper and drafting tables and boards to create two-dimensional (2D) isometric views drawings of the objects to be manufactured. We use CAD systems to create electronic drawings of the objects and these objects can be viewed not only in 2D, but also in three-dimensions (3D). The 3D objects can be rotated, scaled and tested from any angle before even running computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) machinery to create actual physical prototypes using just about any material. This manufacturing methods can be used to design your product’s assemblies which can be tested, verified and validated for automated production runs. All this can be done with minimum risks for errors.

CAD software programs maintain highly precise mathematical models of the objects in the electronic drawings; these objects can be just about any physical product that can be designed. The output of these drawings can be converted to numbers and vectors that can be used by CAM machines. The combination of software and hardware on CAM machines control the drilling, turning, precision cutting, stamping, milling and polishing of the product to the exact specifications. Statistical Process Control (SPC) can be used to ensure the quality as it flows through a production process or production line.

Integrated CAD and CAM systems enable completed designs to be fabricated extremely efficiently reducing errors and improving quality in any manufactured product. These products can created in any shape such as arbors, bushings, cams, gears, pulleys, etc; and they can be created with any diameter and with any axis of symmetry, they include features and characteristics such as chamfers, contours, grooves, holes, steps, tapers and threads.

We have the skills, knowledge and ability to create detailed drawings of any model or prototype that you may need to document and create; and we use cost effective manufacturing processes to evaluate, analyze and manufacture any machine design while identifying improvement opportunities and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Our highly trained and experienced personnel are experts in manufacturing processes and on running precision computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery.

Our mechanical engineers design machine parts using the latest CAD/CAM automated production tools such as Solid Works, Inventor and Autocad.

Our project managers can take over when you are constrained with resources and they are qualified to handle the project workflow of any production activities that need to be completed on time and on schedule.

We have production capacity to run high-volume of excellent quality produced parts, but we welcome low and medium capacity runs. We can handle these runs capacities with excellent quality and high accuracy. We are all about proven performance and trusted reliability.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations on precision builds to the specifications provided and finish your request on-time with a prompt delivery.

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